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atm mirror grinding machine

Grinding Machine for Large Telescope Mirrors

Grinding machine for mirrors up to 42 inches [1.1m] in diameter. Can be configured for spin or stroke work.

Mirror grinding - Telescope making

There are many reasons for grinding your own mirror. Either you want a unusual size, or focal length, or to satisfy your curiosity, or to have the "pride of

Ritchey Mirror Grinding Machine - National Air and Space Museum

Under the sponsorship of George Ellery Hale, the machine was used to grind a series of telescope mirrors starting with a 24-inch and then a 60-inch mirror for a

15" F4.5 Telescope Mirror - Waite Research

The fabrication of this 15" F4.5 primary telescope mirror began with a plano\plano blank. I used my own diamond grinding equipment to generate the rough

Mirror Grinding Machine Hackaday

26 Sep 2006 The true test of the amateur astronomer is building their own telescope. Grinding and polishing your own mirrors is a long, arduous process.

Fixed Post Mirror Grinding Table - designed with 123D Design

Fixed Post Mirror Grinding Table - designed with 123D Design. Rough Grinding a 20" Quartz Telescope Mirror on the Fixed-Post Machine Diy Telescope


Discuss making your own telescope! 9.5 mirror -- 2nd try at posting. by BABOafrica » Mon Jun 03, 2019 3:29 Building a fixed post mirror grinding machine.

Constructing grinding and polishing machines - SAO/NASA ADS

Introduction Mirror or lens grinding by hand can be a labour of love: great fun at first but thereafter a chore if the pastime is to be that of a telescope maker, rather

How I built an edge grinder for telescope mirror blanks.

I have been casting my own telescope mirror blanks for a few years now. I borrowed a few ideas from the Mirror-O-Matic mirror grinding machine, particularly

Making a tin mirror. Grinding without tool. - ATM, Optics and DIY

7 Jun 2018 Telescope mirror makers a couple of centuries back conducted May be worth asking if a machine shop could turn it, like a disk of wood for a

Rough Grinding a 20" Quartz Telescope Mirror on the Fixed-Post

6 Mar 2010 This video shows how to setup a mirror grinding machine for fixed-post grinding, also known as spin grinding or spinning. After setup, you'll see

Making the 20 inch Conical Mirror Pierre Lemay

The 20″ telescope project began after I located a suitable slab of glass. My grinding machine, shown in these pictures, was based on Dilworth's grinding

Making a tachometer for a grinding / polishing machine for telescope

14 Feb 2016 When making a telescope mirror on the machine, two parameters are important: the rotation speed of the mirror, and the rotation speed of the

Stellafane ATM:Mirror Making Myths

You need no special tools whatsoever to grind the mirror. on a mirror - most machines just can't hold the tolerances necessary, and any good telescope optic,

Telescope: Ritchey's 60-inch Reflector - Amazing Space

George W. Ritchey made his first reflecting telescope when he was a student in college. First, Ritchey built a machine to grind and polish the glass mirror.

My ATM-Story

This was 4 months after I bought my first telescope, a nice 6-inch Newtonian (TAL 2). be possible to built a telescope mirror with simple equipment by an amateur. When Armin mentioned, that he had started to grind an astronomical mirror I

How to use polishing machines - Astrosurf

Grinding action of a polishing lap : During polishing and figuring of telescope mirrors the translation movement is generally chosen, because of its overall

mirror grinder page

I started thinking about building my own mirror grinding machine several years Having been on the ATM list now since almost the beginning of it here on the

telescope mirror grinding / polishing machine with tachometer

14 Feb 2016 The machine is shown grinding a 300 mm mirror. How to build a tachometer:

Would an amateur telescope maker be able to grind a mirror 1 or

30 Aug 2017 The record for largest telescope made the same way amateurs use today goes to Ireland's Lord Rosse, who in 1845 built a 72-inch-telescope.

Grinding and polishing machine - Optics - Norway's largest optical

2 Sep 2017 One can make quality telescope optics by testing them against an optically flat mirror. One must use a mirror that is so flat that a hallway mirror

Mirror-o-Matic mirror making machine - ATM pages of Berthold

Mirror-O-Matic grinding machine Dennis Rech's website about the M-o-M (Mirror – o – Matic) that he developed and generously offers to the ATM community.

How doI grind mirrors and lenses for my telescope? - Quora

Brad Hoehne, I built a telescope, mirror and all, from scratch. be able to grind a mirror 1 or even 2 meters in diameter (with the help of a grinding machine)?.

Diy mirror grinding aspherical : telescopes - Reddit

I understand that people have been able to grind a mirror that's spherical large telescope mirrors using limited grinding/polishing equipment?

Astro-Tel - Mirror grinding machine

I made my first mirror grinding and polishing machine over thirty years ago. the machine illustrated at "A" Fig.3, Page 163, "Amateur Telescope Making" Book 1

Mirror Grinding Machine - SkyBadger

I have a Mirror-o-maticmirror making machine that I swapped with MikeMS for a Newtonian telescope that was no use to me. With this I have so far attacked a 6"

grinding, polishing and figuring - thin telescope mirror: part i

The purpose of this article is not to teach you how to make a telescope mirror if Where I refer to machine working, it's for your information, and not essential to

Development of SiC ultra light mirror for large space telescope and

We are developing an SiC mirror by means of an ultra-precision rotary grinding machine (800 mm in diameter) and the ELID (ELectrolytic In-process Dressing)

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